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Replacing teeth

Our dentist will assess your mouth and supporting structures before performing the implant placement process to choose the proper location and insertion angle for the implant post. Our dentist may advise a bone graft prior to your implant procedure if your jaw bone is not strong enough to support an implant. Your jaw bone will become stronger as a result, improving your chances of having a successful implant procedure.

Our dentist will first make an incision in the gum tissue over and around the region of the missing tooth to prepare for the implant process. This will make the bone beneath visible. The next step is to create a hole in the jaw bone large enough to accommodate the implant post. Since the post is replacing the tooth’s natural roots and must offer adequate support, it is put deeply into the bone. Following implant placement, you will need to heal for a while to allow the implant post to fuse with the jaw bone. Then, in order to finish your therapy, we will connect your restoration.

We advise you to discuss dental implants with our dentist if you have one or more missing teeth. By getting in touch with our office right away, you can set up your consultation.

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